Affinity with technique

The strategic plan

We start with a strategic plan in which we invest considerable enthusiasm!

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Change, surprise and innovate!

Digital media offers new opportunities that can be employed effectively in addition to traditional media. Surprise and innovate. We are ready to help you.

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Integrated and therefore, more effective

Integrated marketing communication is more effective, which is why we offer integrated solutions in many different fields.

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Local Touch

Does your parent company provide all the resources, but simply doesn’t have that “local touch”, the right texts and speed of delivery?

We will coordinate everything with the aim of perfect alignment in the local market.

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Customised work with a passion for technique

Technology is our middle name. We have considerable experience in the B-to-B market, including the installation and building sectors. We always provide inspiring, customised solutions.

Fast and flexible

As a small, flexible organisation, we always have ‘direct contact’. If need be, we will be available 24/7.

Recent projects

Campaign partnership in sustainable building
TECElogo campaigns for TECE Netherlands and Belgium
Campaign for Aralco

What do our customers have to say?

Ronald Bekker

managing director, BITZER Benelux BVBA

Peter van Houwelingen

managing director, Kieback&Peter Nederland BV

Rob Huvers

commercial director, Benelux Aralco NVS

A clear, well-structured website that shows what INNOVATECH can do for you – using sophisticated animation techniques and extraordinary colours. We have worked with INNOVATECH successfully for many years.

Auke Beving

Auke Beving

Managing director of TECE Netherlands